SEO Case Study

November 13, 2022

Introduction of seo case study template:

The website was based on Technology for desktop. The niche is quite competitive. Therefore, Google did not even list the website on the first page. We are unable to reveal the site’s identity for a number of reasons.

In the early parts of May, the customer came to us with the site. He requested that we rank the website for a few keywords within the next three to four months so that he may make a modest sale. However, the keywords were so fiercely contested that it was almost impossible for a new website to rank so quickly in those categories.

We went up to her and explained the circumstance. We suggested that he make the site visible for profitable yet low-competitive keywords.

He asked us to approach anyway we wanted because he could see the scenario. He was just interested in making sales.

Our group got to work on it.

Our effort will be presented through a case study template:

In order to rank the website, we followed to a certain SEO strategy.

SEO Audit:

We first concentrated on the website’s SEO as it stands at the moment. We carried out an SEO assessment for this. We discovered severe technical and on-page SEO concerns as a result. All the issues were noted and set aside to be dealt with later.

Competitor Analysis:

In this instance, we examine the keyword competition for the ones the customer provided. The largest websites are in the first place, as we previously stated. We needed to establish a powerful authority because DA PA was actually quite high.

Because of this, we decided to start working with fresh and potential keywords while excluding the old ones.

Keyword Research:

significant search volume means that keyword phrases have at least 1k-10k in monthly searches, We first find high search volume and low competition, which helps a lot in ranking the site. We researched highly competitive search volume keywords for his website. We prefer informational keywords over meaningful keywords. We found about 150+ keywords that had the potential to rank. The search volume for the keyword was quite good

We decided to move forward with those.

Content Creation

We requested our content writers to produce some top-notch articles based on the keywords after receiving the keywords. The articles’ sole goal was to direct readers to the information they sought and the destinations they desired.

Additionally, the articles had the most recent information, which some of the competition lacked. While manually reviewing the competitors, we discovered this gap. You shouldn’t overlook these gaps as you strive to score higher.

On-page SEO:

An important step of SEO is on-page SEO. On-page SEO plays a sixty percent role in a website’s rank. That’s why on-page SEO must be perfect. We optimize everything for onpage SEO.

On Page Optimization for WordPress

  • Title Optimization
  • Meta Description Optimization
  • Heading Structure Optimization
  • Internal Linking
  • External Link
  • Fix duplicate content
  • Search Engine friendly URLs
  • Clean Permalink
  • Image Optimization and Alt Tags

Technical SEO:

Another important step of SEO is technical SEO. If the technical errors cannot be fixed in the website, then the website will never come to the rank. Everything we do for Technical SEO:

  • txt
  • XML Sitemaps
  • Canonical tag set up
  • Favicon set up
  • Google™ Analytics set up
  • Google Search Console set up
  • Page Speed Increase(Mobile) 80+
  • Page Speed Increase(Desktop) 90+
  • HTTP Redirects

Backlink Building:

The backlink is the last step of SEO. A question may come to mind what is backlinks?

Ans: A backlink is when one website links to another with an anchor text. An example of a backlink is any article you find that links to another source or website.

If you want to increase your authority in your website you must be go with high quality backlinks.Not only that quality-full backlinks help you rank quickly.

There are two types of backlinks:

1.Guest post: The backlink that Google currently  prefer is the guest post backlinks. We provide high-quality backlinks from high DA PA site.

2.Manual backlinks :The manual backlink is a type of backlinks which backlinks that always takes a long time to get indexed and they are mostly no-follow.

What Happened after this Process?

Sales for our client began in the second month. When compared to the figure in the second month, the number of orders in the fourth month was almost triple. choosing appropriate keywords and writing content around them.

As soon as two keywords showed on the first page, we observed a boost in traffic and published roughly 5–6 articles in the first month. The website achieved first-page ranks for roughly 20–21 keywords in the second month.

We chose six out of those. The rest happened on its own. This month, we released approximately 10 articles.

In the third month, we released the remaining articles, and we discovered that the site was on the first page of search results for about 90 terms. By the conclusion of the third month, it was the top-ranked website for 25 distinct keywords.

After the fourth month, the website appeared on the first page of the search results for 204 distinct keywords. It was ranked first for more than 50 of those keywords.

Sales for our client began in the second month. When compared to the figure in the second month, the number of orders in the fourth month was almost triple.

What’s Our Plan Now?

Right now, after a discussion with our client, we are trying to increase the authority of the website and compete with the big fishes for competition keywords. This is going to be a long journey, we know. But she has found the fun in SEO and is interested in spending more on it.

For this, we’ve already planned something. We’re currently checking the big fish in the competition and looking for the gaps they have. After researching the major competitors, we’ll work on their gaps and try to beat them in the competition.

Following a conversation with our customer, we are currently attempting to boost the website’s authority and fight with the big fish for competitive keywords. We are aware that this journey will be lengthy. However, she now enjoys SEO and wants to spend more money on it.

We have previously prepared something for this. We are now examining the major players in the field and searching for any holes they may have. We will analyze the key rivals, identify their weaknesses, and attempt to outperform them in the market.


The journey was a bit long but not that complex. Our client wanted to generate some sales from the website. So, we focused on finding the untouched keywords and worked with those to rank faster.

This has helped us to deliver exactly what our client wanted. We’re working hard for the next phase. Hopefully, we can reach our goal this time too. Let’s see what happens. You’ll get another case study on it where the rest would be given.

Although a little lengthy, the journey is not very complicated. From the website, our customer hoped to make some sales. So, in order to rank quicker, we concentrated on locating the untapped keywords.

This has enabled us to provide our customer exactly what they requested. For the upcoming stage, we are working really hard. Hopefully, we can succeed this time as well. Let’s wait and see. The remainder will be provided in another case study that you will get.


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