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Complete Guidance of Proper Keyword Research Ways Even If You Are New to SEO

“Keyword Research” The term defines the yawning of its prime role in the SEO world. You can say it is the “Foot” of the Search Engine Optimization process on which the entire site relies.

Besides, Keyword allows users to target their desired market and narrow down the competition. It also helps to find what their audiences are looking for and their estimated audience.

If you develop your virtual business into something irrelevant that you have no audience looking for, you just lavished your entire time. You will be getting no traffics from Google. And no traffics is the same as no buyers. It is why you must need proper research on keywords before you start your journey.

Therefore, today I prepared this content for you so that you will fully understand the keyword concept. Including all the techniques and step-by-step processes I follow. After that, you can apply these perceptions to develop your personal Authority Site. Or you can also provide Keyword Research Services in the SEO world.

So why are we wasting our time? Do you want to know how you can double up the speed of your website to reach your audiences? Isn’t it a yes? Owh! Definitely! So let’s scroll down and read my ninja techniques to find the best keywords according to your niche.

Brief Explanation of Keyword Research and Analysis

It is about more than just getting a good keyword for your website. Keyword Analysis also matters a lot in the case of supervision. As I mentioned earlier, better keywords come with better audiences and efforts.

Moreover, when you set up the thought of starting a virtual business, you must’ve already decided what your main pigeonhole is. If you are still deciding, we can also help you with Niche Research that includes lower competition and higher audiences.

Well, once you have decided on a proper Topic for your Virtual Business, the next step is getting the keyword research and analysis done for your website. And since keywords are your business’s pillars, it must go through perfection.

However, following the research patterns below, when you get a bunch of keywords, analyzing each of them based on your Competitor is a massive task to perform. But as a result, you will find some amazing profitable keywords anyway. We will discuss the Keyword Analysis topic later on.

How Websites Get Benefited From Right Keywords?

Primarily, keywords are the terms that users/audiences/traffic type in Google to look for the answer to their desired question. Almost like the way you are gathering knowledge of researching keyword techniques by typing some keywords or phrases on Google.

Meanwhile, what Google does you know? First, Google finds the equivalent websites related to your search intent and shows them on the Google SERP.

Now you might ask how that would benefit your website. Okay! Let me explain to you with a proper example. Suppose a user is looking for a Laptop on Google; then they will type “Laptop” on Google, right? Now, Google will look for all the relevant websites that contain the information admissible to the Laptop.

It can be laptop repair service providers, laptop sellers, nearby laptop shops, and many more. The user only mentioned “Laptop,” so their intention is not yet clear to Google. It is why google will randomly show those contents related to laptops.

On the other hand, if the user had mentioned the Laptop Repair Services, then Google would have shown more equivalent results like repair shops nearby, repair procedures, and many more.

That is how keywords work. Suppose you can research and find a proper intention keyword with low competition and higher search volume. In that case, Google will show your website in the very first place. And you know the first position of Google’s SERP gets 80% of the search intent traffic. So a better position comes with better traffic. And that is how a website gets benefits from a good keyword.

One more thing. Do you know what is Keyword Competition and Search Volume? Well, it is okay not to know about them right now. We will get through them very soon down below.

Tools You Can Include for Your Keyword Research

You might have already heard that keyword research equals buying plenty of premium tools. Well, it is wrong. Instead, it is a rumor that negative marketers are spreading.

Researching a good keyword can be done on both premium and freeways. Premium tools estimate certain values that can initially boost your research. There are plenty of such premium tools available in the market that you can utilize. Among them, the best ones include

  1. SEMRUSH: The most affordable premium tool with over 23 billion keyword data that gets updated almost daily. You can visit their official website to get to know more about them.

Hey! Let me tell you a secret. But don’t tell anyone, okay? Well, if you signup for your SEMRUSH account now, you will get 10 queries for free. So let’s go, get some keywords.

  1. AHREF: Here goes a bit expensive but the finest Tool for Keyword Analysis and Researching. Though this Tool is a bit more costly than SEMRUSH, many online virtual business heads succeeded only by using the AHREF tool. Most E-commerce keyword research users use this Tool for their research.

Apart from using the premium Dashboard, you can also use the Free Ahref version. There you will get the estimated Search Volume and Keyword’s Difficulty.

Well, search volume stands for how many people are searching this Keyword on a monthly or weekly basis. And keywords’ difficulty is the competition of that Keyword. I meant how hard or easy it would be to work with this Keyword.

Moreover, there are plenty of free tools you can use to do your research. Apart from that, you can also do Keyword Research Manually, which we will talk about later. But the free tools that you can include are

  • Google Keywords Planner: Researching keywords for Google and not using their Tool is not a suitable choice. If you don’t use Google Keyword Planner, Google will be angry with you! Haha! I was joking.

This Tool helps you get the search volume of keywords every month. They are accurate data as it comes from Google itself. Therefore, if you are willing to start your research, you can initiate with Google Keywords’ Planner.

  • Keyword Tool Extension: Apart from premium and free tools, there are a bunch of free Google Chrome Extensions that you can use to analyze the data of your Keyword. Among them, the most favorable ones are
  • Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension: It provides the relevant keywords following a sorting algorithm from ascending to descending of keywords’ search volume and difficulties. This extension is mostly used to gather the LSI Keywords.
  • Keywords Everywhere Chrome Extension: This extension is nothing different than the other one. Except for the Competiton Metrics, we will know about them later in the major difference between SEO Tools’ content.
  • Answer The Public: Apart from the free SEO utensils and chrome extensions, answer the public is a funky tool you can use if you are a blogger. It showcases all the questions a human can have regarding a topic in the form of a spider web. Don’t believe this? Why don’t you try it out by yourself?

All you have to do is type in the Seed keyword, and its algorithm will bring you multiple questions from all over 191 countries. But, of course, those questions are your long-tail keywords.

Nevertheless, you can use plenty of tools to do your SEO work. Most people use these tools to provide Keyword Research Services. Then, before their deadline ends, they use the tools to generate the data and analyze the best keywords from them for their work. But they will always need help understanding the fun of doing research manually. It’s an Art!

Do you want to be a part of this Art? I mean, the process of Manual Researching Keywords? Let me know in the comment section. I will surprise you right away.

How Can You Do Keyword Research in 5 Minutes?

Wait! Chill! Take your time. Or do you need some clarification about how we can do this lengthy research within such a short time? Is it even possible?

Definitely! It is possible, which is the surprise I was talking about initially. So let’s know how I prepare my keywords in such a short time.

Partially, I use the manual way to research my keywords. But, still, I have come up with a good way to get the finest Keyword within a short period. And that is known as the KGR technique. I.e., Keyword Golden Ratio Technique.

KGR allows us to find the best data-driven keywords that we people use to get ranked under the top 50 within a few days. It is not pretty easy or hard to follow.

KGR follows a formula: (allintitle/search volume). Don’t get dragged! I am explaining.

Use a chrome extension like Keywords Surfer or Everywhere and search for a keyword on Google. For example, suppose you searched best modular helmet with Bluetooth. You will get a search volume of around 260 according to Keywords’ Surfer Extension.

Now type “allintitle: best modular helmet with Bluetooth” without the semicolons. And you will get a value of 4. I repeat, values can change as google updates them regularly.

To get the KGR value, divide 4 by 260, and you will get 0.015. Well, according to KGR rules, if you get a value of

  • Below 0.2: it is the finest KGR keyword
  • Above 0.2 but below 1.0: Average KGR Keyword. Higher Authoritative sites can work with it.
  • Above 1.0: Very bad KGR keyword.

Well, that means our Keyword -> best modular helmet with Bluetooth is a fine keyword to work it. Hmm! It looks like I have got some work to do, right? So? Isn’t it an easy way to deal with good Keyword Research steps? Yes! It is! So, this is how you can get some excellent keywords for your website.

But remember, this procedure only works sometimes. Sometimes it gets messed up. And to avoid this messiness, you can contact us. We will be there to help you.

Next Step After Getting Some Refined Keywords

SEO experts only know what a drag it is to rank a website. Meanwhile, if you are an expert in generating the finest keywords, you are enough to go a long way.

Furthermore, let me introduce you to a little about what to do with those keywords that you got. There are many ways you can utilize those keywords on your website for better rankings. Among them, the premier way is On-Page SEO.

Here, you have to implement this Keyword in content in a natural formation. The content has to be written by efficient native writers that include in-depth knowledge of a certain topic. You can count this content as one of them too.

Optimize your Keyword on that content in a way that comes naturally. And if we break it down more, use the Keyword every 1% of 1000 words. Moreover, you can also follow some other techniques to utilize your Keyword in such articles. We will know them further in the On-Page SEO section. Let’s not stress you now by bringing another section into this.

About Our Keyword Research Service

Meanwhile, I hope you have gone through the entire context of researching some great keywords and implementing them correctly. Still, if some people feel tired or need help, contact us in the comment section or the contact option.

We have been providing Keyword Research Services since 2015, both locally and internationally. And guess what? We dealt with several business owners who had just started their businesses; by now, they are developed. So we can proudly say our service takers have yet to feel pessimistic or deny our work. Despite this, we are working with some of them still now.

We always care about what is best for you, not just what you aim for—understanding your field and working on it as ours is our first and top priority. As a result, we always continue our efforts.

Once you consult us about your targets and immediately after that, our team starts to work through the substructure of the entire concept. We stay updated with everything we work on. Besides, you will also get notified from time to time about your given task.

What Makes Our Keyword Research Service Different From Others

People with training get to experience knowledge delivered by their trainers. Still, people working for 5 years+ in this field get the knowledge from the source and develop them within the trend.

We are one of those who stay updated with the trend. It makes it easy to follow the hype of marketers seeking great difference.

For the same reason, we don’t rely on tools for generating phrases. Instead, we manually research keywords at the very beginning, recheck them with plenty of premium tools and narrow down the fishnet. Then, after that, we spy and do our competitor analysis to get the top-notch keywords suitable for your business.

However, starting from a hundred keywords to 10, 15, and 20 takes work. But those narrowed-down keywords are the roots of some significant high-end businesses.

So, if you had planned to start something for the virtual platforms, we are here to encourage and guide you till the best end possible.

Wrapping It Up For Now

Summing up the whole thing into sub-sequence content will not clear out the concept to a completely new person to SEO. Therefore, we broke it down to the tiny context possible for us. I have provided all the basic knowledge required to start keyword research and analysis immediately.

Besides, these keyword research tips are not just random jiggles that came into my brain; I jot them down. These are all from years of experience where I have faced a lot of ups and downs in learning these techniques. It is not just about researching fine keywords; it goes for the other SEO sectors, like Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Backlinks, and many more.

Therefore, I believe you went through the entire content word by word and got the required narration. But, apart from that, we are here to provide you best Keywords for your business. So, don’t hassle, and don’t stop yourself from starting.

Ultimately, that is the biggest mistake we humans make when we stop getting started, thinking about how bad the outcome can be. It is just about the START.